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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ | Stonebridge Manor


Q: How many guests will your facility accommodate?

A: We have multiple areas available that will intimately accommodate 30 guests or spaciously accommodate 350 guests.

Q: Do we have the option of holding both the ceremony and the reception at Stonebridge Manor?

A: Yes. Both of our venues are designed with areas to accommodate both indoor or outdoor ceremony and the reception.

Q: How many events do you hold at a time?

A: With two venues on four acres, we are able to host two events in the same evening without interference. With two bridal suites, groom’s rooms, kitchens and venues, guest don’t usually realize there could be another event. We always tell concerned brides that we wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work!

Q: How far in advance do we need to book Stonebridge Manor?

A: We have planned Full Service weddings in as little as two weeks and will book up to 18 months in advance. Having two venues, we have twice the availability! Saturday evenings are definitely the most popular, however, if you are flexible on your date, additional options and savings are available for mornings, Monday through Friday evenings and especially during off-peak months.

Q: Are we allowed to bring in our own caterer?

A: Stonebridge Manor has a Chef and staff prepares your menu on-site.  Our service options provide for both buffet and plated dinner service exceptionally presented by our staff.  While a choice of our Service Options is required for a Friday or Saturday event, we do allow for an outside caterer for a weekday event. Your caterer is welcome to provide their services from either of our warming kitchens. Your caterer would provide us with a copy of their license and insurance no later than 30 days prior to your event.

Q: What is your policy on alcohol?

A: Because we have the same type of liquor license as a restaurant, all alcohol must be provided and served by our staff.  We offer multiple options that can be provided as a cash or hosted bar at very reasonable prices.

Q: Are there any additional fees for the on the property site fee?

A: Our Venue and Package pricing INCLUDES all taxes and set-up and take down fees.

Q: Can the bride and groom get dressed at Stonebridge Manor?

A: Yes. Our service options include large dressing rooms available for both the bride and the groom for the duration of your contract.

Q: Can you refer us to other wedding professionals, i.e. caterers, florists, photographers, etc.?

A: Yes, absolutely. We work extensively with many of the top wedding professionals in the valley and would be happy to share that experience with you. Please visit our blog for more information.