If you’ve been here, you’ve probably met a handful of us. That said, we want to clear things up and introduce you to each of us individually. Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s meet! Courtney Spice: Contract Administrator & Event Director Courtney oversees current bride files and manages all of the vendor contracting and details for couples who have booked a service package. She schedules all bride-vendor appointments and keeps notes and information about each bride’s plans and particulars throughout the planning process. Her detail oriented mindset is what helps get brides ideas out of their heads, to the wonderful vendors, and into place for the big day. She works very closely with all of the directors to keep everyone informed on new happenings with every bride. “I can’t imagine myself having a career outside of the wedding industry. It is inspiring to hear all of the ideas that brides come up with. Someday I will be the bride with a mismatched whirlwind of a wedding theme from all of the beautiful weddings we experience with our brides here at Stonebridge” Jane Jones: Event Director Jane oversees current bride files for those couples who rent a venue at Stonebridge Manor and provide their own vendors. She assists by mapping out the details of their event and guides them through the details of what is needed for their night to run smoothly.  She often hosts tours of Stonebridge Manor as well as helps with the set up of events.  Jane is all about details and has a very special understanding of this beautiful venue since she’s been at Stonebridge for many years. “Every day I come into this wonderful space I am grateful!  I love everything about Stonebridge Manor.  I can’t imagine myself, having given so much of my life to anything more important than the helping to create memories, Family Memories and Commitments.  That’s what we do at Stonebridge Manor”  Teagan Mercer: Sales & Event Director Teagan is here to ensure all guests have a pleasant introduction to Stonebridge Manor and the team. Her day to day tasks include tours, correspondence, and details as it relates to ensuring the bride, groom, and their families feel comfortable when making their venue selection at Stonebridge. Teagan has been in the wedding industry long enough to understand all of the emotions, ideas, and details that a wedding brings…and she thrives on that. “What’s remarkable about Stonebridge is the fact that the charm of the property completely mirrors the hearts of the team that I have the {uhh-mazing} pleasure of working with here. It’s as if this breathtaking manor and its vast landscapes actually have a heartbeat…certainly a diamond in the rough.” Aubrey Whiting: Marketing & Event Director Aubrey is in charge of the social media including Facebook, Pinterest and our blog. She enjoys sharing tips, inspirational ideas and wedding industry trends with our brides to help them through the planning process. It is also her privilege to share sneak peak photos from our most current weddings. In addition to dreaming about the perfect wedding, Aubrey loves working with brides & grooms on the most important day of their lives and making sure that everything runs seamlessly. “Each wedding is so special and unique! I absolutely adore each couple I work with and the personality they bring to their wedding. At Stonebridge Manor I feel so privileged to be able to see a bride and groom through from their pre-wedding jitters to their sweet send off. To me life is about celebrating these special moments and I can’t think of a better place than at Stonebridge Manor. “ Ann Clark – General Manager As the General Manager, Ann enjoys overseeing all things Stonebridge Manor.  Ann brings 20 years of operational management and hospitality experience with expertise in Customer Service, Accounting and Marketing. Working closely with the owner of Stonebridge Manor, Ann continues to ensure our customer service remains unsurpassed while offering products and services that meet the trends set forth by today’s brides.  Ann works closely takes an active role to ensure our clients enjoy a flawlessly executed event. “One of the things I enjoy the most at Stonebridge Manor is the time spent with a couple when they come in to tour the property.  I LOVE hearing their stories, how they met, about their families and the dreams for their perfect day.” Katlyn Carroll: Sales & Event Director Katlyn’s responsibilities include everything underneath the umbrellas of Sales, Marketing, Set-up, and assisting in the coordination of package brides appointments. During her time in the office she hosts tours, greets new brides, and handles technological progress.  Katlyn is also responsible for directing some of the phenomenal events at Stonebridge Manor. “I am so grateful for the opportunity to be at Stonebridge Manor. My favorite thing is seeing the brides’ wedding dreams come true.“  Photos taken by the fabulous Troy Brinkerhoff can be viewed here.