ourweddingregistry Your wedding registry will likely be a source of stress in a multifaceted way. Guests will express their offense to your registry in some way -or- You probably feel overwhelmed by what to even put on there, and all of the options -or- Where to register -or- How to communicate your registry to your guests -or- …how can I make sure we get the gifts we want? Here’s some help… photo1.) An example of this would be Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Honeymoon/Movie Tickets/Camping Gear/etc. 2.) Don’t expect your groom to get as into as you. That’s when arguments arise. Give him the gun, and tell him where to ‘shoot’ the barcode. He’s likely not going to care too much about the plate pattern, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you or your marriage. Speaking from experience 😉 3.) While some folks won’t get offended if you put the registry information in the invitation, the ones that do, really do. Perhaps put the link to your wedding website, and then put the registry information on there. Free wedding websites available on weddingannouncer.com, the knot, my wedding, ewedding, etc. 4.) Nothing to add, fun is good! If you’re like me, some guests will actually be curious to see all of the details and what it is you have picked out for your home! 5.) Online is a great tool 🙂 Use it. 6.) YES! If you only have items on your registry for $50 and above guests will become frustrated, and perhaps think you’re a snob. Obviously, that’s not what you want. If you’re having a hard time coming up with $10 items here are some options: Candles, hand soap, and gift cards. Most registries offer gift card options. Register for them in $10 increments. 7.) While you want your registry to be complete before the shower & invitation, make sure it’s a labor of love. Try to start the process as early as possible, and then keep updating it. If you have gotten engaged before the holidays/birthday etc. it’s a good idea to have your registry done before then so family and close friends can get you something off of it 🙂 8.) YES. Honeymoon fund is great. Also, folks have enjoyed registering at REI (if you’re the camping type), or listing a nearby movie place for gift cards. 9.) Absolutely keep an eye on your list. Also, keep an eye out for coupon options. 10.) Your wedding website will definitely help your guests. Things to add to your website: -Bridal party -Times and addresses, our address is listed on our website. Perhaps provide directions to/fro. We have a map available, just speak to someone on our team and we can send it your way 🙂 -Hotel options and perhaps the block rate -Photos -Proposal story -Transportation/Airport options -Itinerary… List your whereabouts. Rehearsal dinner/brunch, guys golf, laying out by the pool, etc. The idea is to alleviate any option of guests blowing up your phone. -Registry Below is a little checklist of things to put on your registry. First go through and check off the items you have. Next, go through and highlight (color coded) per the place you register for the item at. Example: Pink=Macy’s, Yellow=BB&B. Have fun! photo