Take things one step at a time.  onestepatatime Seems simple right? Let us dive deeper. We find that a lot of brides and grooms want to get everything done as quickly as possible because they believe that this process is supposed to be stressful, and that you need to finish things fast. Well, you’re at an all inclusive venue so you can take the stress and fast out of the wedding planning experience. That being said, it is critical that you do two things when planning with us- do things in order and take your time! Order: Imagine you’re building a house. You wouldn’t pick out the furniture before picking out the flooring and paint would you? Naturally there would be an order of things because certain items depend on the other. Weddings are similar! It’s impossible to pick out bridesmaid bouquets without knowing which bridesmaid gown they’ll be up against. We try to position each of your appointments in the order that provides the best flow for YOU 🙂 Take your time: Trends go in and out as fast as you can ‘repin’ a pin! Within a second you can change your entire vision. That’s why it’s important to inch your way through the process as each task builds on the other. We want to best steward your finances and time! So, be try to be diligent about each decision when it comes to selecting your vendors, color scheme, linen, bridesmaid gowns, so on and so forth! Hope that helps y’all! Please remember, we’re here to help- so if you have any further questions about this don’t hesitate to ask! Seriously! We’re just one phone call or email away 🙂 Happy Planning!