This styled photo shoot was entirely inspired by the caramel apple, and that granny smith green! We collaborated with Bess, owner of ZuZu’s Petals, and set out for a fresh look that incorporated greens, ivory, and glimmers of gold. We wanted the dream guests to feel fresh and relaxed at this dream event. We discussed bringing in glassware, like in atriums, and candelabras. There were a few different areas of focus to make this shoot unique: the head table, dessert table, and escort card walkway. Head Table: Our Manor is one of the most unique pieces of architecture here in the greater Phoenix area. The intricate moldings and almost east coast brick is a wonderful break to the Arizona stucco. We wanted to showcase the back of our favorite east valley house. So, that served as the backdrop for our head table in our Garden Pavilion space. Also, last year we did a Great Gatsby photoshoot in our Manor Courtyard space, so we had to be fair to both venues 😉 SBMtabletop-0100 SBMtabletop-0163 SBMtabletop-0032 SBMtabletop-0033 SBMtabletop-0040 SBMtabletop-0041 SBMtabletop-0049 SBMtabletop-0053 SBMtabletop-0163SBMtabletop-0084   Dessert Table: We got all of our caramel apples from the fabulous Popcornopolis in Chandler Mall. I mean, let’s be real, how great of a dessert/favor is that? They were phenomenal. SBMtabletop-0003 SBMtabletop-0018 SBMtabletop-0021 SBMtabletop-0028 SBMtabletop-0137 Escort Cards: All of the guests were imagined to walk under the trellis to find their seat. All of their names and table numbers were calligraphed onto the apples intermingled with crystal drops. It was dreamy. The sun reflected off of the crystals magnificently. SBMtabletop-0104 THANKS! ZuZu’s Petals – Flower Studio in Mesa- Bess provided all of the floral, crystal drops, and even created these custom fit box centerpieces. She’s fantastic to work with and embraces anyone’s vision fully. Brinkerhoff Photography- There aren’t too many words here, his work really does speak for itself, right? Such beautiful imagery, we’re so thankful to get to work with him so often as he is one of our inclusive photographers! Megan Molloy with the Little Things Designs– She provided all of the graphic design pictured. Honestly, she’s a dream and her work never disappoints. China- That’s in our Stonebridge Manor selection, ask us about our upgrade options for that!