When Stonebridge Manor hosted her very first event in the summer of 1998, the beauty and special emotions of that evening were indelibly impressed upon my mind and heart. There have been many events since then and I must say, as years go by, they continue to be beautiful and special. The wonderful thing about each event is that individual people come together to create these special experiences, together. It is the combined energy of hearts and hands amidst this amazingly beautiful place that molds memories. Not just for me, but for all who have gathered, during whatever event there was to be. All different cultures, faiths and needs have been served. We’ve had weddings with just a bride, groom and officiant (Michael and I were the witnesses), high school proms, charity events, holiday parties, memorial services, anniversary dinners, engagement dinners, rehearsal dinners, large weddings, receptions, open house receptions, come and go receptions, business receptions, magazine ad photo shoots, TV commercial shoots, drug prevention dramatizations, oh my gosh, the list is endless. I’m sure the staff here could names so many others. Yet, as years go by, I come back to the same thing that started this vision in the beginning. Memories! Memories that, as years go by, will never fade and never die. So thanks Stonebridge Manor for the memories! Jane