Assigned seating for your reception can be a very daunting task, especially when all of those pesky RSVP cards are just staring you in the face and you have to figure out where each person is going to fit. Some brides opt out of this process by reserving a few tables up front by the bridal party for their immediate families and then open seating for the rest of their guests. This is by far less stressful for the happy couple but sometimes on the day of the wedding it can be a little chaotic for your guests when they all want to sit together but know there might not be enough seats at one table for all of them to fit. A few recent couples did a very cute take on assigned seating by assigning their guests to a specific table but not a specific chair at that table ( which works out much better because then your guests aren’t wandering around aimlessly trying to find their name at any given table) Here are a two examples: This bride used TV shows that corresponded with how she knew her guests Obviously her friends were at the “FRIENDS” table The bride and grooms’ table was “The Honeymooners” And here is the poster board with all the different shows. “Law and Order” and “Boston Legal” had all of their law school friends, “All in the family” was her family members and “The office” was filled with co-workers. Such a cute idea! Another one we really liked around here was the bride and groom that took pictures with the all of the numbers and had these sitting at the tables Isn’t that so adorable?!?! I love it! Keep thinking creative girls, we love to see what’s next. Jen Sherwood