Buy A Wedding Planner

When I say “buy a wedding planner”, I’m not talking about a woman that will charge you a couple grand to act like your best friend and do your research for you. {Although if you need someone with a bit of wedding insight to put your mind at ease a bit and be friendly to you for a couple thousand dollars, you know how to get in touch with me!}


What I’m talking about is a spiral-bound notebook put together by experts to keep your wedding timeline on track. The wedding planner I purchased is made by a woman named Erin Condren who is as Type A as I am. Everything is color coded, there are timelines and checklists galore, there are spaces to write notes and goals for yourself, there are friendly and encouraging phrases littered throughout the planner.

I do not mean to shamelessly promote Erin’s company, nor do I insist that you buy her wedding planner. I am telling you what I purchased and why I LOVE IT! There are many wedding planners that you can find online or at Etsy.com; take your pick!


The reason these are so nice is that with wedding planning, you can feel like your brain is a web browser with 57 tabs open. It’s nice to have one place where you can consolidate all of the contact information for vendors and the wedding party, hold your checklists, write down appointment dates for venues/dresses/vendors, etc. I highly recommend having a handy dandy planner through this whole process to make things easier on yourself!

Happy Planning!