Candy buffets add fun and color to any wedding. All it takes is a table with some old fashioned glass candy jars, scoops, and bulk candy to coordinate with your color scheme. What more could a guest ask for in a wedding favor? Here are some tips to design your own.
  1. Use a color scheme that matches your wedding palette
  2. Create depth and height in your display
  3. Consider the table: where will it be located? Will there be a nice backdrop or wall behind it for pictures? Or will it be open so people can access it from all sides? Will it even have sides, or will it be round? These are all good questions to ask yourself before deciding on a set-up design.
  4. Not just candy: if you’re open to treats in other forms, consider mini cookies, kettle corn, or spiced nuts as sweet additions. Placing the wedding cake or groom’s cake on the same table can add visual diversity.
  5. Be creative: Use different types of containers in relation to the theme of your wedding.
  6. Individual containers: if your table is set up as a DIY favor station, little bags or mini boxes can be great take-homes. Dress them up with a little label and ribbon and your guests have a tasty treat for later.