Wedding Planning 101: The Average Cost Of A Wedding

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There are many tips and tricks to saving major bucks on your wedding. From DIY to cutting the guest list in half, it’s an endless game of number crushing. In today’s society with social media, blogs, and wedding magazines, the total costs have hit an all time high! Wouldn’t you love to use the $6,000 budget that your parents did … Continued

Inspiring Love & Wedding Quotes

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On this lovely Saturday morning, while you’re rushing around visiting vendors, attending fittings and designing invitations take a few moments to reminisce about why you fell in love and what your marriage means to you. All Quotes Via Enjoy your day, but in the midst of all the planning, STOP; give your fiance a squeeze and let them know how … Continued

Rain on Your Wedding Day

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In honor of our brides today who are braving through the rain, we’ve put together a little collage of beautiful rainy-day wedding pictures. all images via More images & tips:  1, 2 Although a rainy ceremony might not be what you’ve always dreamed, remember this… “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the … Continued