Escort Cards

| Escort Cards

There are so many fun ways to incorporate theme and personality into your wedding. One fun way to show off your wedding style is with your escort cards. ViaWe’ve seen many different ideas for escort cards over the years, which all have been adorable, but we’ve notice one area where brides can improve. Here’s a little advice from the event … Continued

Winter Weddings

| Inspiration

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas music on the radio, we can’t help but dream about winter weddings! The color pallets are gorgeous and the winter elements are majestic! The “cooler weather” has us imagining a world of winter wonderlands & warm fireplaces. We are truly inspired by this time of year. All photos via PinterestDon’t these pictures just make you … Continued

Scottish Traditions at an Arizona Wedding

| Real Weddings

It’s always fun when our brides and grooms express themselves through tradition and culture.  Rachel and Todd brought to us a touch of Scotland at their wedding last weekend. Did you know that the tradition of the groom carrying his bride over the threshold originated in Scotland?  When the celebration was over, the new couple were led to their house … Continued

Assigned Seating

| Reception

Assigned seating for your reception can be a very daunting task, especially when all of those pesky RSVP cards are just staring you in the face and you have to figure out where each person is going to fit. Some brides opt out of this process by reserving a few tables up front by the bridal party for their immediate … Continued

Wedding Themes

| Themed Wedding

We have seen so many beautiful weddings take place here but my absolute favorite thing is to see a new idea or design carried out to perfection. Picking out colors, for instance, can be a difficult task for some brides. There are so many combinations to choose from that it becomes difficult to narrow it down. Every once in a … Continued