Jane touched on this photo in her last post but I just had to follow up with a few more pictures of the cutest ring bearer ever! Yes, I am a dog person so I have a soft spot for this little guy but he was so well behaved through the whole ceremony. We have had maybe 1 or 2 other wedding with furry friends involved and it is such a cute way to bring in the “family”. There are a few things to think about ahead of time though: 1. Make sure the little guy has someone to watch him when he arrives (usually no earlier than 15 minutes before the ceremony) 2. Make sure he is leashed at all times and remains outside only 3. Make sure someone is there to clean up after him ( we all know what that means!!) 4. Make sure someone is delegated to take him back to his warm and comfy bed at home when the ceremony is over. He’ll be exhausted from looking so cute infront of all of your guests. So cute! Jen Sherwood