Here at Stonebridge Manor, were in the business of making your dream day a reality! One way that we do that is by offering some amazing Service Packages that provide all of the essential wedding elements in one-stop-shop. We have been in the business of kicking off “happily ever afters” for almost 2 decades now and with all of our past experience we have created 3 all-inclusive package options for our couples to build their dream weddings. We take all of the guess work out of finding the best vendors in the valley by allowing our fiance’s to choose between the vendors we have selected to include in our package services. These vendors were not chosen lightly. We vetted each and every one of them to ensure they meet our high standards and expectations for exemplarily service and product. Not to mention all of the fabulous reviews we have received from our past brides who have had the pleasure of working with the very best in the valley. Our couples who have decided to add a Service Package (Laguna, Classic, or Manhattan) have a Day-of-Coordinator (DOC) included in their Service Package in addition to the wonderful vendors and services provided. The DOC is there to make the day enjoyable and stress free so that she can manage all the fabulous vendors Stonebridge has contracted on your behalf to ensure that your expectations have been met. Now that you know the DOC is there for you, what is she doing for you?
Photo Cred: Brinkerhoff Photography
Photo Cred: Brinkerhoff Photography
The DOC’s primary responsibility is quality control of all of these services that we have contracted on your behalf and services we have provided for you.
Photo Cred: Courtney Lively Photography
Photo Cred: Courtney Lively Photography
What is quality control? QC is performed by your DOC with each vendor after your final consultation and at the start of your contract. Your DOC will confirm after your final consultation all of the services they will provide to you on your big day. When they arrive on property, your DOC will check in the flowers and compare them to your floral invoice, check in your cake and compare that to your design and confirm flavors and check on your topper, check in with Chef and review your menu and drinks for the evening, review your timeline with your DJ, and review the timeline with the photographer.
Photo Cred: Lockie Photography
Photo Cred: Lockie Photography
This alleviates the stress of having someone in your family or bridal party worry about these responsibilities and they can focus on you (which is what they should be doing – its your BIG DAY). Your DOC will also be constantly working with these vendors throughout your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. If the photographer needs some more time with photos because they are just having some “magic light,” as they sometimes refer to it, the DOC will work with the kitchen to make sure they delay dinner service, for example. Additional responsibilities of the DOC include:
Photo Cred: Lockie Photography
Photo Cred: Lockie Photography
  • Receiving upon your arrival and handling your Marriage License to ensure it is signed immediately following the ceremony.
  • Receiving upon your arrival and putting out your Ceremony Supplies (unity item, basket of programs).
  • Receiving upon your arrival and putting out Champagne Flutes, Cake Knives, & Cake Topper.
  • Receiving upon your arrival and putting out your Seating Assignments.
  • Deliver “body flowers” to the Bridal Suite & Groom’s Room and assist in pinning boutonnieres on the groom/groomsmen & family members.
  • Managing and Coordinating timeline throughout the event with the Photographer, DJ, & Catering Staff to ensure the evening flows smoothly and nothing is missed.
  • Rehearsal & Ceremony Management. We’ll line up the bridal party and help make sure everyone makes it down the aisle when & where they’re supposed to.
  • In special cases we have been known to bust out an inappropriate dance or joke on demand to scare off waterworks prior to the ceremony, if need.
Wow! What would one do without a DOC!? A wedding is organic and has so many moving parts. No matter how much planning is put into an event, life just throws a wrench into things sometimes. Your DOC is there to be on your side and use every tool in their experienced tool-belt (aka magic wand) to make your vision a reality. Not to worry, we have the pleasure of getting to do this every day and you only get married once so we’ve thought of pretty much everything and have your back to make it the best day ever!
Photo Courtesy of: Wikipedia
Photo Courtesy of: Wikipedia

(Sorry guys I couldn’t resist)

Clearly there are a lot of elements that the DOC is in charge of and focused on during your event so there are some things that they just can’t commit to doing. Not to say that they haven’t tried to do it all but they are only human, no matter how many times we try to give them superpowers.
Photo courtesy of: The Reflective Bride
Your DOC is not your MOH – and really, they don’t want to steal her spotlight. We are currently working on a list of MOH duties that they will be over-the-moon to help you with during your whole wedding process that we will share with you, so check back soon for that. Your MOH definitely knows you better then your DOC (and some even claim better than your fiance) and have been given the honor (thats what the ‘h’ stands for) of that position and we don’t want to over shadow them. Things that the DOC doesn’t have an extra set of limbs for:
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  • Setting up favors/additional decor items
    • This is a really great task for that cousin or sister-in-law that you just didn’t “have room for” in your bridal party. This is a way for them to help be a part of your day and you just “couldn’t do it without” them. If you have exhausted all your VIPs in your bridal party, ask your DOC about our Storage & Set-up option.
  • Running “errands”
    • Your DOC is exactly where she needs to be during the entire event to make sure your event is well oiled and functioning properly. She won’t have time to run up to your bridal suite to get your flats to change into, or out to the car for your garter – that is what you have a Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor for.
  • Refereeing
    • While we all might yell and scream at our TV’s during football season, we are in no means actual referee’s (some of us may be in denial of this). We aren’t trying to be nosey but we need to be somewhat aware of family drama. Mom and Dad can’t sit at the same table? This is something important for your DOC to know to avoid awkwardness for everyone involved. We won’t get in the middle of family drama, but we will be the advocate for what you want for your big day. Lets face it, its your day so everything that you want to do will be executed and they get to smile for a few hours and go back to being enemies tomorrow.
Photo Cred: gettyimages Kevin C Cox – FIFA
Your DOC is a pretty valuable part in making this whole all-inclusive wedding go off without a hitch. She will be in your corner to make the beginning of your “happily ever after” kick-off stress-free! The best part of being a DOC is that we have the pleasure of making something you have dreamed of for so many months a reality and we get to be a part of the best day of your life.
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Photo Cred: Lockie Photography
So, that is all about your DOC and what she can do for you! Aren’t you glad you have such a rockstar to help make your wedding rock!? Lucky YOU!