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 Congratulations! You are newly engaged! Time to pull out the Pinterest board you’ve secretly been working on for, oh, maybe a few years or so. Pinterest spoils us so with the endless black hole of scrolling and wedding inspiration!

The toughest part of any wedding might actually be pinpointing where to start the planning! Allow us to provide some insight into the wonders and woes of DIY planning versus the simplicity of planning with Stonebridge Manor.

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

With Do It Yourself planning and coordination, you have the flexibility to meet your vendors at coffee shops and essentially be your own “wedding planner.” While the idea of planning your wedding is truly exhilarating, driving halfway across the valley to meet with vendors isn’t. Wedding photographers alone cost anywhere from $1,500-$10,000 for their packages which includes time, images and only sometimes an engagement session. DJs usually range between $1,000-$2,000+ and you might even need to rent their equipment on top of that! It is important to understand that there are a lot of details that go into the coordination of a wedding. Even if you are adamant as a bride about planning everything from start to finish on your own, you’ll probably want a friend or your trusty maid of honor helping you (and emotionally supporting you) along the way! 

Stonebridge Manor Options

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There is no place like Stonebridge! This we firmly believe, but of course we are a wee bit biased. (*wink*). At the very beginning of your time at Stonebridge you will be presented with the option to select between two stunning venues and three customizable service options for your event. For simple planning, these options include your most essential vendors: catering, bar, cake, florals, photography, DJ, and even officiant. Not to mention we have scouted the BEST vendors in the surrounding valley for you to choose from. Building your “dream team” is easier than you think! An example of venue rental and services (including Catering, Photography, DJ, Floral, Cake, and Officiant) for a Saturday wedding with 100 guests in our Manor Courtyard, pricing starts at $18,500 (including taxes). 

Over the time leading up to your wedding our Coordination Team will guide you through the Stonebridge process. The team oversees coordinating your appointments with vendors while giving you the freedom to plan all of the details! To make things even easier, you may choose from our wide array of romantic embellishments and timeless centerpieces. Hello one-stop shopping! Closer to your wedding you will be assigned your very own Event Director! She will be your go-to gal leading up to your wedding and will even be there to manage the big day.  Our resources are here for you to make your wedding planning experience enjoyable and stress-free! 

We know that no two brides are the same; that’s why we have created our service options in such a way that we can customize each option to tailor perfectly to our brides’ wants and needs!  This day is your day, and that means your unique vision is top priority. Our doors are open and we are ready to hear yours! <3