There are so many fun ways to incorporate theme and personality into your wedding. One fun way to show off your wedding style is with your escort cards.

We’ve seen many different ideas for escort cards over the years, which all have been adorable, but we’ve notice one area where brides can improve. Here’s a little advice from the event directors at Stonebridge Manor:

How to Best Arrange Your Escort Cards:

At first, you might think that separating guests by table is the best idea. Here’s why it doesn’t work. People have no idea where you’ve placed them, and as a result they spend at least 15 minutes each searching for their name & table. This backs up the guests and holds up the party. Your company wants to spend time with you celebrating your wedding, so don’t send them on a wild goose chase just to find their seat.

Instead, here’s what we suggest: arrange your guest’s escort cards in alphabetical order. On each card, after each person’s name write their table number. This makes it quick and easy for guests to find where they belong. Before you know it, your guests will be eating, drinking and dancing the night away!


What creative ideas do you have for your escort cards? We would love to hear!