Food trucks are equally adorable and delicious. Not sure what it is exactly that has re-faced this industry, but it has become a movement. And guys, this movement is entering the wedding world! SO EXCITING. As you can tell, we are on the Food Truck train we have two rules about them. 1. Don’t use them for the full catering of your wedding. Keep it to an awesome late night snack, or surprise dessert! 2. Sadly, like any outside vendor, some food truck companies are not reputable. So, please let us do our research and be involved in the process as all 3rd party vendors will need to go through our system 🙂 We’re all about keepin’ things smooth, and our brides & grooms happy! At this month’s vendor open house TONIGHT (June 4th) we will be hosting Mamma Toledo’s Food Truck. She serves some fabulous pies on her food truck…need I say more? Nom nom nom. foodtruckwedding