Being professionally photographed is awkward – just plain and simple. It is such a catch 22 because we want to be professionally photographed to cherish moments in our lives, yet we desperately want to look our best and completely stress out about it to the point of not wanting our picture taken (or is that just us?). One thing you cannot avoid on your wedding day is getting your picture taken. Your wedding day is certainly an occasion that you want to not only remember, but look back on fondly from now until forever. Our wonderful photography team over at Lockie Photography were invited to answer the burning question we all desperately want to know: How to be Photographed. Josh and Kathy share their 5 simple tips to make sure that the best you shines through the lens and radiates in your photographs. We are so very lucky to have these smart and talented people as part of our team here at Stonebridge Manor. And, without further adieu… Click the link below to become an expert in the art of being photographed. How to Be Photographed | Josh and Kathy Lockie | TEDxBozeman cake smash