How do you like the idea of having Aunt Susie in Nebraska or your college roommate in Paris or your 437 Facebook friend’s experiencing your wedding without having to leave the comfort of their home? Unbelievable? Maybe a year ago, but modern technology has graced the wedding business once again! We now offer a LIVE webcast of your precious has given you the opportunity to have everyone in your life be a part of the most important day (without you having to pay for a meal for them!). Not only can your loved ones see you say,”I DO!” but they can leave a message for you and even buy you a gift right then and there! This is a live webcast we were honored to have at Stonebridge. Congratulations Julie & Herrold!: There is no better time to get married then now with so many amazing enhancements to an already magical day! Sign your contract at Stonebridge Manor before September 30, 2010 to receive $200 off a $495 broadcast! Lia Joy