mika3 Title: Director of Food & Beverage / Chef Mika Full name: Mickael D.Chevalier Is this a common name in France? 🙂 Yes very Why did you decide to go into a career of food and beverage? Always loved to cook since I was twelve years old.  Always wanted to travel outside France, so in 1994 I said to myself “ Why not learn how to cook professionally this way you might be able to work anywhere in the world!” and sure enough ten years after making my decision I moved to U.S.  I then started managing restaurants for years. When the opportunity presented itself to become the Chef /F&B Director, I accepted right away. I am very excited to bring my culinary expertise and passion to a reputable establishment such as Stonebridge Manor. What is your culinary background?  -I hold a degree in culinary art from France -Worked as a Chef in many different restaurants in southern France and in Corsica. -6 years as a restaurant manager -20 years experience this year! What is your favorite part of a wedding? I have 3 actually -Watching the ceremony and the joy of the Bride and Groom after their I DO. -The smiles on the bridal party and guests at the end of the evening. -The email feedback to Stonebridge Manor from the brides to say how wonderful everything went. Wedding food, typically it’s pretty boring, how do you plan to give our brides a first class flavor? Well, first of all, we always use the highest quality grade produce from Arizona and California Farms guaranteeing a fresh product delivered to our door to your plates. We are using some of the most reputable vendors in AZ. We are always working on improving the taste and quality of our food by listening to our Guests. My team and I are planning on bringing new  varieties of beef, chicken, fish, pork flavors as well as side dishes. Also, my chefs and I combine have close to 40 years experience and we are always sharing knowledge for creativity and best results.  If you were an entree, which entree would you be and why?  I would be a pan seared Duck breast finished in oven cooked to medium doneness topped with a cognac green peppercorn sauce. I would like to be accompanied by a creamy au gratin scalloped potato. Why? Because when plated, I would look amazing and I would taste even better than I look.  3 words to explain yourself, go: Fun, Hard-working, perfectionist