Ombre is everywhere. Whether you’ve defined it as ‘ombre’ or not…you’ve seen it before. Taken from Wise Geek, “In fashion, the term ombre refers to the graduation of color in a garment. The word usually refers to a garment that is monochromatic but has a graduated variation in the saturation of the color. For example, a green ombre dress may be very pale green at the hem, but the fabric becomes deeper in color the as it reaches from the bottom hem to the shoulder straps at the top of the dress, where the color might be a very deep forest green.” We’ve seen Ombre take flight first in hair: ombrehair1   Then Cake:


ombrecake3 ombrecake2Then Gowns:

ombrebridesmaids ombrebridesmaids2


Now! Try to infuse some of this ombre style into your wedding! 🙂