I love Pinterest. Like really LOVE it! It’s a fabulous tool for finding recipes and new outfits, kill time while waiting for the football game to be over, and gather ideas for your wedding. “I have too much inspiration,” said no bride ever. But there is a fine line between wants, needs, and reality. Am I right ladies?

unspecifiedThe truth is more than 60% of what we see on Pinterest are styled photoshoots for blogs, magazines, website, etc. Some have higher budgets than others, but quite frankly, a lot of what we see is donated as a free tool to feature a product, brand, or service. With that said, the wedding you saw online and fell in love with was designed by industry professionals who have a  “budget” to grab your interest. Sometimes these visions aren’t as easily obtained as we’d wished.

You’re probably thinking “but everything I want my wedding to be is on Pinterest” and that’s fine. But here’s the deal, your wedding should be a footprint of YOU. Your Vision. Your Dream. Your Style. Why showcase the most amazing day of your life in someone else’s spotlight? There are a lot of components that go into designing a wedding and your specific style should be the key ingredient.


Pinterest should not be your “perfect” because you may not have the ability in your city, budget, or timeframe to gather every element featured online. For example, let’s say Martha Stewart 2016-10-28-matt-adrijana-married-163designs a gorgeous wedding featuring peonies and white marble chargers (oh Martha, can we just be besties already). Let’s say your wedding date is in the Fall. First off, real marble chargers, if they exists, will coast an upward of $25 each. As for the peonies, an arm and leg to get those puppies out of season since they bloom April – June.

I adore the visual world we live in and can spend hours scrolling through photos. But at the end of the day, we need to come down to reality and think about keeping our sanity intact by not overdoing the world of picture-perfect. Blogs, social media, or Pinterest shouldn’t tell you what you should have at your wedding. Be and do who you are and what your budget allows. After all, the only person who’s going to remember every element about your wedding day is you. Trends fade but photos last forever. Dare to be different and use your uniqueness as a tool to unlock your inner perfect!


We hope you enjoyed the Real Stonebridge Manor Wedding photos of Adrijana & Matthew’s big day! Their personalized wedding was stunning and a true representation of their love!

Florist: Zuzu’s Petals

Cake: Piece of Cake Bakery AZ

Photographer: Lockie Photography