Many brides choose to have a flower girl (or two) in their wedding processional, and why not? These little ones are absolutely adorable and have a history of putting smiles on the guest’s faces.

Planning for the flower girl might be the least of the bride’s worries, but it is helpful to know these little cuties’ duties, like how old should she be, what is her role, what do will she carry, does she stand with the wedding party or sit in the congregation?

How old should the flower girl be?
The flower girl should be a special little someone, ages three to eight years old, but don’t let that discourage you from including an “older” little lady in your wedding party. We’ve seen all ages of flower girls. Everything from little ones who have just learned to walk to seventeen year old nieces. Rule of thumb: age is just a number. If your flower girl is happy to take on the role, she’s your gal!

What is the flower girl’s role?
If your flower girl will be throwing petals, her role is to precede the bride and cover the isle with flowers. That way, the bride is the only one who walks on the isle petals. If she’s not throwing any thing, then her role is to look adorable and make the guests smile.

What will the flower girl carry down the isle?
Traditionally, the flower girl carries a basket filled with flower petals to throw as she walks down the isle. If the bride is worried that the task is too much for her, the flower girl can carry a pomander, a small bouquet, or a little purse. Some brides who like to step out of the “tradition box”, will have their little girls throw confetti, or blow bubbles. Either way, traditional or creative, the flower girl is sure to steal the show!

Will the flower girl stand or sit?
From our experience, if their is any worry about the flower girl not being able to stand quietly for 20 minutes, she should sit with the guests. She can either sit with her parents (if they’re not a part of the bridal party) > or a grandparent in the front row. It’s okay for the flower girl to be in the spotlight as she walks down the isle, but once the bride arrives, it’s all about her and her groom! If there’s any chance she could wander around and cause distraction, we say let her sit and enjoy the wedding!

To avoid any confusion, and help your day run smoothly, we suggest introducing the flower girl(s) to the rest of the bridal party so she is familiar with the “big kids”. Definitely bring your little star to the rehearsal! That way she will know where to walk, throw petals and sit or stand.

Most importantly, remember that sometimes little girls get shy, forget to throw petals, or tug at their dresses. It’s okay! The ceremony will go on!