Welcome to Stonebridge Manor! Prom Season It’s a surprisingly quiet Saturday in the middle of May and we are getting ready for Coronado High School’s prom. Lucky ducks, huh? This is the ultimate place for prom and the kids love it! We have had 3 proms here this year: Mountain View, Red Mountain and now Coronado. People always ask me if we dread having hundreds of teenagers exploring the grounds, but I always look forward to prom season. These kids are so good and very respectful of the beautiful setting. It’s so fun to see what the trends are for dresses and hair do’s! We’re gearing up for a busy week with 6 weddings. Good thing we know what we’re doing! 🙂 ~Lia Here is a picture from one of our weddings last Friday from Flint’s blog: Prom SeasonProm SeasonProm Season  
And here is a picture from last Saturday (congratulations everyone!):
Prom Season