When it comes to planning a wedding, it seems like the bride is the most often the one in the drivers seat. She’s the one that makes all the decisions on colors, theme, flowers, dresses, tuxes – the works! Poor groom. 

Not so fast. What about the proposal? This is the grooms time to shine. He gets to choose how, when, where, and with who. Sometimes he even gets to pick out the ring – ALL BY HIMSELF! This is his chance to show his bride just how much he’s been listening over the past few years. This is his chance to wow his woman and show her how much he loves her.

We think engagement stories say a lot about a couple. It’s almost like each couple could fall into a “proposal genre”: The Geeks, The Comedians, The Romantics, The Adventurous, The Sentimental, & The Creative.

Have a look at a few of the proposals we love!

The Geeks

The Comedians

The Romantics

The Adventurous

The Sentimental

The Creative

What’s your story? Was it a complete surprise? Did he pick out the ring by himself? Do you have an awesome video?

Share it with us in the comments below!