While we host amazing weddings, we also get the privilege to host other special events. The below images are from a fabulous corporate holiday party. Don’t you wish your work hosted this kind of party for you? Happy Chrisma-hanu-kwanzaa-kkuh. SBMcorporate-0013_opt SBMcorporate-0033_opt The FlexPrint group insisted that their event have glitz, yummy food, a good time, and SNOW! They’re list was checked off! 1476537_705617552782237_1776032551_n 1484148_705620502781942_1400765604_n 1521848_705622436115082_192842887_n 1524738_705621796115146_42392903_n1467245_705617712782221_1163269463_n1501794_705617632782229_1260569056_n Until Next year! 1504131_705620562781936_1014180975_n