Amanda and Bryan just ooze with adorableness. Their April wedding took place in our Garden Pavilion, but their love took place in all of our hearts! They are just absolutely in love, and so cute to watch. These photos captured by the lovely, Courtney Lively, do a great job at showcasing their goofy side and sweet love. steer8 steer1 steer2 steer3 steer4 steer5 steer6 steer7 steer8 steer10 steer11 steer12 steer13 steer15 steer16 steer18 steer20 steer21 steer23 steer24 steer26 steer27 steer28 steer29 steer30 steer31 steer32 steer33 steer34 steer36 steer39 Dream Team: Creative Hands Catering, Jan Dekker Designs, Piece of Cake Desserts, Welter Entertainment, Courtney Lively Photography, & Arizona Ministers.