Elizabeth and Andy were married at Stonebridge Manor in the Garden Pavilion this past April. They were one of the absolutely sweetest couples to work with and we really enjoyed making their vision a reality. Elizabeth was a stunning bride, I mean that dress, those shoes, the veil – in love! Andy shinned up pretty nicely too looking very dapper in his suit and bowtie. The flowers were whimsical and beautiful and her colors were elegant and perfection. Lets not forget that cake that looks so sweet we can almost taste it! We couldn’t be happier for this amazing couple. So here we go, their day in pictures. Enjoy! Marketing_Meza_HR-1_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-2_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-3_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-4_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-5_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-6_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-7_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-8_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-9_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-10_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-11_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-12 Marketing_Meza_HR-13_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-14_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-15 Marketing_Meza_HR-16_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-17_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-18_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-19_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-20 Marketing_Meza_HR-21_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-22_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-23_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-24 Marketing_Meza_HR-25_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-26_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-27_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-28 Marketing_Meza_HR-29 Marketing_Meza_HR-30 Marketing_Meza_HR-31 Marketing_Meza_HR-32_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-33_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-34_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-35_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-36_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-37_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-38_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-39_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-40_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-41_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-42_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-43_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-44_opt Marketing_Meza_HR-45_opt   Magical, right?! Dream team: Stonebridge Manor – Garden Pavilion, Palm Street Culinary LLC, Piece of Cake Desserts, Muscleman Music, ZuZu’s Petals, Arizona Ministers, and of course photo cred: Courtney Lively Photography