This wedding has sweet written all over it. From the colors, to the flower girls, to the actual sweet station. Just sweet in every sense of the word. Mr & Mrs Herdt got married in our Manor Courtyard this year, and their sweet romance just oozed everywhere. Another oh so chic May wedding… swoon. roland i-4JXMH72-S roland i-35mQsnn-S roland i-dmX83hD-S roland i-dWSLpWM-S roland i-fj9J53p-S roland i-GHzFVs2-S roland i-hkX752B-S roland i-hNFjSFM-S roland i-hWSSxRQ-S roland i-JjPT9zT-S roland i-Mp4dn4p-S roland i-mRzWRXk-S roland i-Nb4GB3X-S roland i-nKGmnHd-S roland i-qN8h8TX-S roland i-snzLXxM-S roland i-TD7hLp3-S roland i-tn4tSHZ-S roland i-tPbkxk3-S roland i-Ts35NFT-S roland i-v4mGCQ6-S roland i-V5k4LpR-S roland i-VpCxdt3-S roland i-WxnCstz-S roland i-WXVV5Rn-S rolanddd rolland i-rj2Wjb2-S rolland i-T27F35w-S rolland- rolland-i-FB4NVKj-S rolland-i-Fh4CV2b-S rollandi-3sZcrk3-S rollandi-6TWRfBZ-S rollandi-Cfr23mk-S rollandi-fdMCnF9-S rollandi-MvWHckm-S rollandi-rPp4KTq-S rollandi-sVQ7TW2-S rollandi-Vz8FKG5-S rollandi-wbH7HN3-S Dream Team? Courtney Lively Photography, ZuZu’s Petals, Piece of Cake Desserts, MuscleMan Music, & Creative Hands Cuisine.