This precious couple got married in our Manor Courtyard last month. Their wedding was absolutely stunning, and had such a romantic vibe. We loved it. And these images? They’re perfect. Something to always think about is how your photographer will capture images in the dark. It is certainly a hit or miss topic among photographers, and we’ve seen a lot of brides and grooms disappointed when they select an outside photographer. Props to Courtney, and the rest of our photographers for always capturing the night as well as they do during the day! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Dressler! foleycl1 foleycl2 foleycl3 foleycl4 foleycl5 foleycl6 foleycl7 foleycl8 foleycl9 foleycl10 foleycl11 foleycl12 foleycl13 foleycl14 foleycl15 foleycl16 foleycl17 foleycl18 foleycl19 foleycl20 foleycl21 foleycl22 foleycl24   Dream team? Courtney Lively Photography, Creative Hands Cuisine, Piece of Cake Desserts, Jason with MuscleMan Music, & Fabulous Floral by Jan Dekker Designs!