[ ri húrss’l ]
  1. practice performance: a session or series of sessions in which something that is to be done later, especially a public performance, is practiced
Rehearsals are customary with weddings. It’s a time for the bridal party to get their jitters out and practice their walk down. A time to make sure that the bride and groom feel comfortable with the flow of their ceremony. And lastly, a time for moms and dads to let the tears pre-flow. Rehearsals usually take about an hour and are a fun way to ‘get the party started.’ Now, what about the classic, ‘Rehearsal Dinner?’ Well, welcome to 2013 folks. The rehearsal dinner used to be something that took place the night before the wedding. Since weddings have become much more of a production we have found that brides and grooms prefer to have their rehearsal and perhaps the rehearsal dinner/brunch/cocktail a few days prior to the wedding. Why? Because a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding is pure exhaustion. It’s a late night before the ‘big day’ Here’s what we suggest for an itinerary the week of your wedding: Saturday Wedding Wednesday evening: Rehearsal Thursday morning/evening: Rehearsal Brunch or Dinner Friday: Groomsmen/Bridesmaid outings (Spa/Golf/etc) Saturday: The big day! Friday Wedding Wednesday evening: Rehearsal Thursday morning: Brunch, followed by manis/pedis or golf for the men Friday: The big day! Thursday Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsal (earlier the better) Cocktail hors d’oevures to end around 4pm. Thursday: The big day! Monday Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsal Friday: Rehearsal Dinner Saturday: Spa day/Golf Monday: Wedding! Now, enjoy planning your rehearsal dinners/brunches/cocktails! Have fun thinking outside of the box 🙂 themomentiwakeup