Summer Weddings Summer Weddings!!
Summer Weddings Summer Weddings Summer Weddings Summer Weddings
Summer Weddings These are some great pictures from weddings that we have had this summer. Some people hear “Summer wedding in Arizona” and have a panic attack! But you can see from these beautiful brides that they had amazing weddings! My sister, who lives in Philadelphia, was recently here and said that 104 degrees in Arizona is so much better than 85 degrees in Philly because of the humidity. I will give you that it can be hotter than should be allowed! But, we have the advantage of being able to cool down our space with fan, evap coolers, and air conditioning! One of my favorite things about Summer weddings are the fun colors. There are no rules when it comes to what colors go with other colors! I love the top picture of the girls in fuschia! They had sunflowers in their bouquet and it is so cute! The summer goes by so fast but I will always remember these absolutely amazing weddings. Now, go the pool, work on your tan, and start planning the spunky, fun wedding you could have next summer!