In all the years that I have been involved with events at Stonebridge Manor, I have to say, that the Gilbert Public Schools Special Education Prom was the BEST.
The joy, energy, excitement and positive attitudes that radiated from these student was amazing!
Jennifer and I were in tears as we witnessed the generosity, compassion and fun that was demonstrated in every member of the teaching staff right down to the students that came as assistants.
This was an event to be remembered and Stonebridge Manor was made even better for it.
I have to say, I’m a little prejudice about this beautiful place but I also know that what makes it so beautiful is the people and special events that take place here. That’s why I say Stonebridge was made even better.
Thank you ,Gilbert Public Schools, for allowing this Prom to happen.
A Special thank you to the fantastic students who showed us all what it was to live pure joy.
Jane Jones