Please know- we’re very biased here. But if you’d like to take our advice on an unplugged wedding- do it 🙂 You have paid for a fabulous photographer and perhaps even a videographer. The last thing you need in the background of your gorgeous photos/videos are PEOPLE TAKING PICTURES. Seriously. It just takes all of the dreamy-ness and romance out of the organic images. We are so thankful that we get the honor of going through a lot of photos and videos, but it always takes away a bit of the whimsy when we see a bunch of people huddled around, leaning in for a photo. And please, don’t later ask your photographer to photoshop those out- it’s harder than it looks! Not Pictured at Stonebridge Manor Now, the other side of the coin is #wegothitched #johndoewedding. The instagram hashtags for weddings are adorable, but perhaps keep this near the photobooth? Or, after the first dance takes place? There’s a time and place for everything and while we understand you want to share your photos with folks who were unable to attend, they can probably wait a couple of hours, right? Here’s a cute sign to perhaps display as guests enter or grab their programs. UNPLUGGED-WEDDING-SIGN BUT if you’re totally okay with cell phones, you might as well call it what it is and take a selfie 🙂 Take a peek at this one a father took after walking his daughter down the aisle in Sedona… photo photo