The VALUE of Your Venue

If you read my previous blog post, you’re well aware of some of the things to consider when assessing the value of your venue. It’s easy to get a little shocked at the price of a wedding in general – I had no idea how much the average wedding in America costs until I started working at a venue. Once you get over the initial sticker shock of the price of your wedding, it is important to assess the value of what you’re getting for that pretty penny.

I learned from touring a venue that was completely piecemeal that venues that provide pre-determined packages and/or all-inclusive packages with suggested vendors can save you SO much time and so many headaches. Be prepared if you decide to book a venue that simply provides the physical space in which to hold your wedding that you are in for many, many emails, phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, and voicemails from your vendors.

Lockie Photography
Lockie Photography

You will be responsible for contracting each and every one of your vendors. You will be responsible for setting up meetings with each of them to discuss your expectations for the big day. You will be responsible for selecting quality vendors and making sure they have all your latest information prior to your wedding day. You will be responsible for coordinating any last-minute changes with each vendor… Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

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That’s why Stonebridge pays people to do this for you! This service, in my opinion, is priceless. All of the stress and worry associated with lining up the vendors for your wedding is handled for you! You can pick from pre-selected and vetted vendors, so you know that these vendors are quality individuals that a gorgeous venue works with on a regular basis. You know the vendors are familiar with the way that Stonebridge Manor works, they know the layout of your ceremony and reception spaces, and they know the Manor staff in case they come across any complications!

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Being able to focus your energy on the more exciting parts of wedding planning – dress shopping, DIY and personalization, etc. – was the biggest relief I got from choosing a venue that I know and love. If you have any questions for me on the services and values of Stonebridge Manor, please ask! I could talk about this all day.


Happy Planning!