Today’s advice comes from Courtney Lively regarding your ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS!

Hi Bride and Grooms!

Courtney here, from Courtney Lively Photography. I’m taking some time today to connect with you guys regarding your engagement sessions. [What’s that you say….? Your nervous!? Oh don’t be silly! We’re going to have a blast – and I’m going to make you look good!] That being said, I want to make sure you get the most out of your session, so here are a few quick tips and tricks that will help!

The session is an hour long. That may sound like a long time… but man, it fly’s by so quickly sometimes. It’s in your best interest to arrive on time. Just like my grandpa always said… Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late! Or… maybe that was Shakespeare. Anyways, I know you get my drift — being on time is the first step to making the most of your session.

Some people like to do outfit changes. One casual, one fancy. One silly, one cute. One Star Wars theme, the other Lord of the Rings… oh wait, thats never happened. Anyways, if you do decide to change, I really suggest only doing it once. And keep it simple. The quicker you change the sooner we can get back to shooting and the less time we will waste. Also, be prepared to change wherever is most convenient… that may even be your car. If you hate that idea, then one outfit might be your best option. But hey, adding more time is always an option as well. If you feel that an hour is going to leave you feeling rushed and frazzled, let me know and we’ll discuss what we need to do to add more time.

Lastly, I’ve found in my time photographing weddings that literally everyone has different expectations for the their photos. I like my clients to be happy, always. That being said, let me into that amazing ball of thoughts and ideas you have inside your noggin. If I actually got to pick my one super power, it would have been to read minds. But I didn’t get to pick. and now I’m stuck with super strength… for the rest of my days. Meeh. So anyways, you’ll have to tell me your hopes and dreams for your photos. If you have questions about what kind-of gear I plan to use…. ask. If you find images you like, share them with me. If you have a creative idea, I’d love to hear it. If you have the start of an idea… let’s brainstorm! Together we can nail down something you’ll love. Assuming leaves too much opportunity for things to not go the way you may hope — I prefer over-communication for important things such as this. So bring it on!

Once our session is completed, you can expect to receive your online gallery within two weeks. So, if you’re planning on using the images for your Save the Dates, be sure to incorporate delivery time into your timeline. You’ll have a huge amount of options to decide from when it comes to purchasing your images and prints. But the folks at Stonebridge [are awesome] — and offer their package clients a discounted price if you decide to purchase your entire gallery of high-resolution images. Wait a sec, a complimentary session and a discounted price on images!? Sounds like a smoking deal to me. Opportunities like this just don’t come along everyday… Oh yea, that’s why we want to make the most of it! Looking forward to meeting you in a field and shooting you! [With my camera that is.] 😉



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