Finding a Venue via Wedding Planning Apps 


Hi again, brides-to-be! Most recently, I’ve been doing some venue searching and I thought I would share some insights with you. As you know, I work at Stonebridge Manor but I still wanted to search for other possible venues just to make sure I made the right decision for my fiancé and me. I used The Knot app as well as the Wedding Wire app’s “Find a Venue” features. Finding a venue will be one of the first things you do in your wedding planning process, so these apps attempt to make it easier for you.


By using the apps, you can narrow down venues based on your budget, the location, the number of people the venue can hold, etc. I tried this on both of the apps, and found that Stonebridge Manor was only popping up on the 300+ capacity venue results! I know by working at Stonebridge that SBM can host any number of guests for a wedding, and is not limited to 300+ wedding parties.


This shocking result that Stonebridge was only showing up in certain results made me seriously question the credibility of the apps. Who knows what other venues might be having the same problem with the apps misrepresenting the number of people they typically host for their events!


In summary, do your research when it comes to finding a venue! Ask people you know that have recently gotten married about the venue they chose and why. Do some google searches to see which venues are in your area. Stalk social media of the venues that you find. You may need to contact the venues individually or go to their websites to get the most accurate information about pricing and capacity. I know it’s a daunting task, but you can do this and it will be so worth it in the end!

Happy Planning!



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