There is nothing merrier and more festive than having your wedding take place during the holiday season. And, since this is probably the only time of year that the family will all be in the same place at the same time, it is certainly practical. A Christmastime or New Year’s Eve wedding can be truly unforgettable and joyous. Use your memories and feelings for Christmas and the holiday season to plan a warm and inviting wedding ceremony and reception with your close friends and family. Here are some tips for making your holiday wedding merry:
  1. Bring color into your wedding. If you love red or white pointsettias, make them your wedding flower. You could also have your wedding party wear crimson accents, think shawls for the girls and bow ties for the guys. Decorate using holly, wreaths, garland, seasonal flowers, and of course red and green decor.
  2. Ring the bells and bring in the music of the holidays. Think Mozart or beautiful opera or choral music for your ceremony; holiday themed tunes for the reception.
  3. Inhale the scents of the season and warm the soul: evergreen, cinnamon, or juniper scented candles can warm your ceremony or reception space and create a wonderful atmosphere.
  4. Wedding favors can include holiday ornaments, CDs of your favorite Christmas songs, mini pumpkin pies, or personalized tins of hot cocoa or cookies.
  5. Consider incorporating a hot chocolate bar where people can be creative and hands on in creating their own tasty concoction.
Happy Holidays from Stonebridge Manor