Tipping Etiquette for your Stonebridge Manor Wedding

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With your wedding day quickly approaching, let’s take a minute to consider the team (your Dream Team) that will make your dream day come together. We’re talking about the staff at Stonebridge Manor, from your Event Director, Banquet Captain, Chef, and Servers as well as your wedding vendors that together as a team, make your special day a dream come true!

Our team of wedding experts has taken the time to carefully hand-pick the best of the best wedding vendors in the valley for our couples to choose from, all of which makes Stonebridge Manor more than just “the venue.” We strive to provide couples with the most wonderful wedding experience in all of Arizona, and our preferred vendors directly reflect this vision of ours.

Why tip your vendors?

The tip is treated as a reward, or a way to say “thank you” to your vendors who put forth their time and passion to make your wedding day vision come to life. Consider your interactions with your vendors during your wedding planning and to the day of your wedding. Are they attentive? Pleasant to work with? Knowledgeable in the industry? Your vendors make a long-term commitment to deliver their best product and service on your most special day. A tip certainly goes a long way as a token of your appreciation for your vendors’ time and effort! Most importantly, tips are always earned and never expected. 

Still unsure of how much to tip? Ask your Event Director for more information regarding how to determine the appropriate tip for your vendors!   

Stonebridge Manor Vendors  

Fun Fact! about Stonebridge Manor vendors – they are all independent business owners! This means that they each have a certain brand to uphold – their own! It’s no secret that our vendors love weddings and bring unparalleled talent to the wedding industry. From our florists, bakers, DJs, photographers, officiants, and caterers, our vendors are genuinely delighted to be a part of your day. Tips speak volumes to vendors who bring so much passion to their field and do what they do because they love it.

What does 5-star service look like?

Imagine a warm, inviting garden wedding with an intimate reception that sparkles under glittering crystal chandeliers. Picture the Manor illuminated by soft twinkle lights wrapping the house in a radiant glow. This perfect setting is only complemented by the perfect service!

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When we think 5-star, we think warm, savory meals for your guests prepared fresh from our Chef and kitchen staff. We think friendly, personable, attentive servers. We think florists who make our jaws drop because they out-do themselves each and every wedding with their floral artwork! We think photographers who will literally bend over backwards for the perfect shot (they really do, and we have photo evidence. Enjoy!) and DJs who are experts in personalizing your wedding style through the songs and mixes! Last but not least, let’s not forget about the Event Directors who not only coordinate all of the above, but work their tails off to make sure your day goes off without a hitch! From your Event Director, to the chef and kitchen staff, to the banquet captain and servers, your wedding dream team takes great pride in taking care of you and your guests to create a wedding that will be remembered. Tips are very much appreciated but again, never demanded. Not sure how much to tip and what to plan ahead for tipping?  No problem your Event Director will help you with tipping guidelines and will even give you envelopes for the tips.

Tipping Alternatives

We understand you just spent a chunk of change on your wedding day, and additional tipping may not be feasible with your budget. Do not fret! There are plenty of extra ways to show to your appreciation to your vendors besides just a tip. Simply taking a few extra minutes to hop online and leave your feedback on sites such as Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Yelp means the world to wedding vendors! By leaving your feedback, not only are you gifting your vendors with constructive feedback and a stellar review, you’re also providing valuable information for prospective brides searching for their own wedding vendors. Win-win! Vendors would not be able to do what they do best if it weren’t for wonderful reviews and word of mouth referrals!

Even the handwritten note is making a comeback! Yes, taking the time to sit down and spell out your appreciation on paper goes a long way. We keep notes from our couples all the time! There is nothing quite like knowing you played a role in someone’s best day ever, and the handwritten note is a forever friendly little reminder for your vendors!

To sum up our “tips on tips,” remember they are earned and never expected. Whichever way you choose to thank your vendors and the staff, will be sure to make their day!

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Are you one of our Stonebridge Manor Couples? Have you been to Stonebridge Manor as a guest to celebrate a wedding with us? We would love to hear from you! Visit the links below to leave your feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


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