So “why” do we do what we do?  Most of us have previous experience within the wedding and event industry but we also have other experience and maybe even specialized in other areas of the professional world. For me, I have a degree in Psychology and have tons of experience in the professional business world (outside of weddings), specializing in Human Resources, recruiting, operations, and management.  Others on our team have professional backgrounds in Finance and Accounting, Operations, Customer Service, and the list goes on. At some point in each of our professional journeys, we found something about the Wedding and Event industry appealing and almost intoxicating.  We found our way into the industry at various levels and times in our life.  We ultimately discovered our passion and love for weddings and the rest was history!


Sure, it’s not an easy job! It has its wear and tear on all of us. It tests your patience, and it is emotionally and physically draining (quite contrary to what outsiders may believe). But we love it!  I love it.  There is something about being able to hear and view inspirational wedding pictures from brides on how they want their wedding and then help fulfill it.  Many of our brides have been doing a lot of pre planning and dreaming about their big day.  We recognize that a wedding is not only a financial commitment but an emotional one.  Most importantly, it is a personal and intimate moment between two people that are ready to move forward to commit to one another forever.   We do not take it lightly when a couple books their wedding with us.  In fact, we feel honored and privileged to be chosen out of many to be the wedding venue, wedding directors, and culinary team to deliver a seamless, beautiful wedding.

As I began to share in the beginning of this blog, I was reminded last weekend as to the “why.”   The mother of the bride, with a few happy tears in her eyes gave me a huge hug at the end of her daughter’s wedding and sincerely “Thanked” me and our staff for executing a seamless, beautiful, wedding experience for her daughter and all of their guests.  Those words went straight to my heart and I found myself smiling with delight.  There is no better feeling then to help a couple, their family, and their guests enjoy an event to remember!


📷 Jasmine Amber Photography

It never gets old for us to see a bride in her gown for the first time, or to witness a bride walk down the aisle to her forever, or to watch with a smile (and few happy tears) the father-daughter dance. We live for the moment at the end of the night, when the bride and groom (now husband and wife) are heading out to start their lives together, when we can take it all in and feel satisfaction and pride in how the night went.  We may even be thinking of ways we could have done something even a little bit better (we seek perfection) but in the end, we find ourselves reflecting on the day, our hearts full and smiles on our faces, and yes, sore and tired feet. We know it was all so worth it.

📷 Kim Skinner Photography

As an Event Director, we cherish these precious moments that we get to be a part of.  Each wedding is so unique and special in their own ways and we get the pleasure of being there.  With that said, if you are a bride still trying to pick your venue, consider this about Stonebridge Manor.  You will get to work a with a team of professionals that have ultimately chosen this career path because we love what we do.  We will take great care of you, yours, and your dream wedding!



  Written By: Christy Wilson


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