Wedding Party Favor Ideas
Many brides want to provide party favors for their guests, but they don’t know what to give. Obviously, no one wants to spend money, time and energy making something that will not be taken home or enjoyed. My first recommendation is to always give something edible; people love something sweet! Whether it’s a small box of Hershey kisses wrapped in a delicate bow, fancy chocolate dipped pretzels, or simply a bag of M&M’s, the guests always devour the sugary delights.
We have had a few brides who have created a candy table as a party favor for their guests to enjoy. Just a few weeks ago a bride created the candy table pictured here. It was not only stunning visually, but it was delicious to bout! On each place setting the bride put a hot pink Chinese type to go box and then the guests came up to this incredible table and indulged in wonderful treats: kisses, taffy, M&M’s, sour gummies, chocolate pretzels, succors, jelly beans . . . unbelievably delicious and fun! What made this table so memorable were the different shapes of jars; the incorporation of her wedding colors in each candy selection; the combination of candies in each jar, and finally the pink tulle at the base – -reminiscent of cotton candy. She even displayed a sign saying Love is Sweet next to the table, just the perfect touch! Before the end of the night the entire candy station was depleted and each guest had a lovely container of candy to enjoy for the next few days… well, maybe only for the rest of the evening. It was definitely a success! Camille Johnson Stonebridge Full Service Coordinator