What Comes First: Guest List or The Venue?

This topic is a crucial question: do you start by making your guest list or by picking your venue? This can certainly be a tricky thing to navigate. 

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We recommend that you first establish your budget, then write up a quick guest list to figure out just how many people you would have at your wedding if you could invite absolutely everyone you love and care about. Then consider if you’re giving people the option of bringing a “plus one”. At that point, you should have an idea of your absolute maximum guest count.

Next, search for venues that seem like they would be perfect for your big day! Tour the venues, and ask how many guests they can accommodate. If your perfect venue will accommodate all of your guests, you are set (as long as your budget allows this)! If you find a venue that you decide is too perfect, you may have to decide to cut some people off the guest list. 

2016-03-05-Connor Caitlin-Married-236

Finding out whether a venue or a guest list should be the first choice is different for every bride. If your guest list is non-negotiable, find the venue that will allow you to bring all of your loved ones to experience your big day with you. If you find a venue that you absolutely must get married at because it is a perfect representation of you as a couple, adjust your guest count accordingly. Either way, if you go with what’s most important to you, it will be perfect!

Happy Planning!