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So your getting married and are on one of the most memorable, fun journeys of your life! You have your wedding venue, your wedding vendors, your dress, your guest list, and you have sent out your wedding invitations. You get giddy with joy simply walking to get your mailed because your friends and family are sending in your much anticipated wedding RSVP’s.  Things are becoming so real for you as it sinks it that you are getting married to the love of your life very soon!

As you sort through your guest list and the RSVPs, you should be working on your seating arrangements. Your guest count not only effects your wedding dinner but how many guest tables and chairs are needed. You have to start (if you haven’t already) deciding where you want your guests to sit.  Whether you have buffet or plated dinner service (no matter the guest count), we highly recommend (we may even nudge you), to have a seating chart with escort cards. Simply put we want your Wedding day to be smooth and as stress free as possible.  Part of insuring that your day goes smoothly, is making sure your guests know where to sit. Relieve any potential awkwardness between guests that are trying to find a table with their family or friends.  After all, you don’t want them dashing to the table to pick a seat!  Nor do you want your guests having to hunt down a table or be split from their kids if they didn’t find a table quick enough.

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Creating a seating chart with assigned tables for your wedding guests is a sure way to get your guests to their seats with little stress (relieves the stress for your guests too).  You know your friends and family best and should be able to spend a nice evening or two with your honey drafting your seating arrangements.  You can always spend time reviewing your guest seating arrangements with your parents and future in laws to make sure you have created comfortable seating arrangements for all the guests.

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Once you have your guests assigned to tables (see example below), you will want to send over a copy to your Event Director so she/he can use as a reference for how many chairs and place settings are needed at each table.  Use your seating chart to create Escort Sign of your liking and style that is large enough for your guests to see. There are endless options out there from Chalkboard Seating Charts, to Mirrored Charts, to printed ones on foam board or thick card stock paper.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas in this department, so have fun and feel free to be creative!

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We encourage you to go to our Blog “Lets Talk Escort Cards” for more details and ideas on how to make seating charts and escort cards.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Written By: Christy Wilson