Wedding Planning: Pro Tips

Ariel Shamas Photography
Ariel Shamas Photography
  1. Make a wedding binder.Having an entire 3-ring binder dedicated to your wedding planning and communication will be immensely helpful when it comes to sifting through all of the information. Print out any important agreements/changes and put them in there. Separating it into sections for your venue and each of your vendors will be even more helpful. Trying to keep all of the wonderful details straight is no small task, so this is just a preparation tactic to help your future self!
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  1. Create an email address for your venue, your vendors, and your RSVPs. Communication regarding your wedding needs to be a priority. If it’s constantly getting mixed in with ads from stores and personal emails from Grandma, you might miss something important. By creating a separate email just for wedding communication and checking it consistently, you will not miss important emails and deadlines.
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  1. Keep a positive outlook and ask for help when you need it.Attitude is everything when it comes to your big day. Having a sunny disposition about your wedding is the perfect way to have the best day of your life. If this means you need to ask family and friends for a little extra help, do it! They love you and it is a small task that they’ll help you with that will take so much stress off your mental plate. These small favors from different individuals add up quickly in terms of helping you, and they’ll be happy to be able to be involved.

Happy Planning!