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  In the world we live in today, being a Bride can easily become overwhelming.  At the push of a button, we have access to ideas, blogs, tips, and inspiration pictures.  At Stonebridge Manor we are on a mission to help reduce the stress and anxiety that so frequently comes hand in hand with planning a wedding. So lets chat about who does what on your big day.  After all,as a bride, as soon as you have that ring on your finger you are already imagining who will be by your side on your wedding day.  So what exactly do your Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor do (besides look pretty in a dress)? Maid Of Honor (MOH): Your MOH is your main gal. She usually helps with choosing your wedding dress and may be a part of your vendor decisions.  Frequently, your MOH will be a witness of you signing your marriage license.  On the day of, she should be there for you to help you into your gown, bustle your dress, and even help you in the restroom if you need help getting your gown up. Your MOH should also be prepared to give a toast at your wedding reception.  Most importantly, your MOH is your right hand lady and should be there to support you, love on you, and help you have the best day ever!
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  Bridesmaid (BM): Your bridesmaid(s) along with your MOH should be there to help you enjoy each moment of the day. As well as be there leading up to the big day with things like helping to plan and pay for the Bridal Shower and bachelorette party, with the help of all the other bridesmaids and MOH. She should be a trooper, no matter how stressful the ordeal and planning becomes. They should be gracious and tactful and provide plenty of emotional support during the planning and on the wedding day. They are there for you and your beau as hostesses on your big day.  Your bride tribe should get out on the dance floor to have fun celebrating your marriage as well as encourage all the other guests to get their boogie on.  
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Best Man (BM) The Best Man is an important role as he is your guy’s leading man.  I mean, let’s be honest, the Best Man has likely been there by your groom’s side through all the good and bad times and all the times in between (like that one time.. yeah, you know that time). What exactly are the BM’s duties? He should help the groom choose the tuxes (of course you as the bride can put your two cents in as well).  He should also help organize the fittings of the tuxes for all the groomsmen and it’s helpful if he can help arrange and/or suggest wedding accommodations for out of town groomsmen.  And of course, your lead man to the “wolf pack” will help plan and host the bachelor party. On your wedding day, the BM will be there next to your future hubby to embrace the day and all the happy memories that will be created.  The BM will stand beside the groom at the altar and keep the rings until vows are exchanged. After the ceremony and the “I do”, the BM will sign the marriage license and help corral the groomsmen to move the wedding gifts and cards to the pre-determined location (like your parents car).  At the reception, give the first toast to you and your now husband.
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Groomsmen (GM) Groomsman usually are made up of the grooms close friends and relatives. The groomsmen should be there to support your man throughout the wedding planning process. They may help the Best Man plan the bachelor party and even help pay for it as well. On your wedding day your groomsmen will have more to do than just stand at the ceremony.  They should be there to support you and the groom, helping you both enjoy your day.  Sometimes couples will ask the groomsmen to act as ushers to seat guests at the ceremony as they arrive.  After the ceremony, groomsmen will help with getting all your wedding gifts and cards to the back of your parents car (or wherever you have decided to keep them).   During the reception, the groomsmen, along with the bridesmaids will be out on the dance floor celebrating in style.
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All in all your bridal party has your back to take care of whatever needs done the day of your wedding. From slipping into your dress to kicking off your shoes to dance they are your go to squad. You have each been there for each other time and time again throughout your friendships so naturally they will be by your side on the happiest and most exciting day of your life. Enjoy this spectacular day with the best of the best!
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Final note:  We suggest that all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen should plan to attend the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner if feasible with their schedule.  But don’t stress if they cannot all make it.  After all, the two most important people that need to be in attendance are you and your future spouse.  We will have more on Wedding Rehearsals in another blog, coming soon! Next week we will continue with “On Your Big Day, Who Does What? Part II” by sharing the duties of other key people that will help your wedding day be the best it can be including the role of a flower girl, ring bearer, and even parents.  Stay tuned!   Written By: Christy Wilson