Have you looked into using a wedding website for your guests?

A wedding website can be simple, containing only one page or as complex as you would like it to be. The dream of every bride or groom is to have a special and unique wedding. This dream can be achieved by making everything in the wedding unique, and the wedding website is certainly no exception when it comes to creativity. You can include customized photos and theme colors on your site as well as specially designed font styles to match your wedding theme.

With a website, you give your guests a chance to take part in your wedding plans. For example, you may create a poll and have your guests help you in deciding what kind of flowers you will have at the party or where they think you should go for your honeymoon. To have many people visit the website, you should consider including such features as wedding stories, videos and photos. This may be your own story, for example, of how you met your spouse. Include stories of your engagement and future plans as husband and wife. If you have a lot of out of town guests, a good idea would be to include activites in the area, great restaurants to try, and hotel accomodations close by.

Building your website allows you to share more than just your ceremony. You can keep your site running long after the ceremony to share your honeymoon and newlywed memories with those you love. Everyone can share these timeless memories with you.