Congratulations! You and your sweetie have been enjoying engagement bliss, and now you’re ready to settle on a venue and a wedding date! We wonder, is there such a thing as the “Perfect Date?”

At Stonebridge Manor, we eat, breath and sleep weddings! We can’t help but be excited when helping you pick YOUR ideal wedding date. There are so many factors in choosing a venue and a date besides just availability. For instance, consider day of the week, overall budget, your out of town guests, honeymoon location, requesting days off of work, and the typical weather during the time of year you’re looking to get hitched. Here’s a glimpse into why we love each wedding day! 

Monday Fun-day! We can’t rave enough about Monday weddings! We’re all about making sure your out of town friends and family can score those budget flights! When you think about it, Monday is just the opposite side of the weekend! Another perk of  Monday is you can get the same great wedding services but usually at lower cost than a Friday or Saturday wedding

True Love Tuesday. It just has a nice “ring” to it (pun intended)! Everyone loves a Friday or Saturday, but we think Tuesday is an underdog day who doesn’t get enough credit! Having a unique wedding doesn’t have to start with decor…it can start with the day of the week! Often times, guests are less likely to have conflicting schedules for a week day wedding allowing your most important guests to have the ability to attend!

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Almost Friday! Thursday is by far one of the most popular days to get married. In fact, they book up just as quickly as the weekend! Consider hosting a lunch the following afternoon at our Bistro à la Mode if you’re inviting a fair amount of out of town guest you hardly get to see! It is the perfect little retreat to get in some quality time with the most valuable people in your life! Interested? Contact one of our knowledgable Event Directors for more details on how to book!

Fri-YAY! The kick off to the weekend! It is so fun to see people start their weekend with a bang! Get a head start on your honeymoon by opting for a Friday wedding and hopping on a red eye to wake up in your Honeymoon location!

Sweetheart Saturday! Are you inviting lots of out of town guests that you want to see? Why not make it an entire weekend celebrating your marriage? Start with the wedding on Saturday, and perhaps host a BBQ at relatives’ or family friends’ homes for your out of town guests who took time off of work to partake in such a special occasion! Finish your wedding weekend with a Sunday morning brunch with your family before you head off for your Honeymoon.

Ok, enough about the days of the week…let’s talk SEASON!

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Lockie Photography

Fall The leaves are changing color, the holidays are right around the corner, and you can FINALLY start ordering your favorite hot beverages. It seems the Fall season is a time of year loved by all. It is easy to imagine why Fall in Arizona is such an amazing time for weddings. First off, the colors! Rich, sultry, enchanting, we fawn over Fall colors and how they can be so well-incorporated into your florals, shoes, cake etc. Chances are your out of state guests will not only be excited to attend, but they will thank you for hosting a Fall wedding in Arizona as the weather is inviting!  Selecting a Fall month in Arizona might be just the reprieve your guests need without melting into a puddle!

Winter   In December, January, and February you can feel the love in the air.  The winter air is crisp and the night sky in Arizona is dotted with stars.   Incorporate winter florals with white branches and touches of faux fur (a 2016 Wedding Trend) for decor or as your bridal shawl.  Winter Wedding color options are endless, from gorgeous Jewel tones, metallic shades of Gold, Copper, and Silver, as well as pops of glitter and glam. Needless to say, Winter Weddings are full of beauty! When we think of Winter Weddings, lets not forget the delicious comfort food that usually accompanies winter time meals.  Say “Hello” to Hot Soups, Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Festive Holiday infused meals, Gourmet Coffee Stations and/or Hot Chocolate Stations that will leave your guests with happy and full bellies.

Spring Flowers and cacti are in bloom, picnics in the park and afternoon walks are actually enjoyable, and us Arizonans appreciate the great outdoors before the sweltering summer heat takes over. Spring weddings have by far the most radiant floral colors of all! The bright flowers accompanied by the fresh colors Mother Nature provides make for a unparalleled day to tie the knot. Spring Weddings usually include fun Lawn games to entertain your guests.  Your out-of-town guests will be swooning over the “perfect” Spring weather that Arizona brings. In fact, they will likely find themselves not wanting to leave Arizona after your special day, as the weather is captivating.

Summer  The Summer season is among the quietness for Arizona Weddings due to the weather.  However, we encourage you to not throw the idea of a summer wedding out the door. There are several perks to choosing a Summer Wedding. For out-of-town guests, traveling during the summer months are usually easier.  And we offer a Quiet Season discount for summer weddings that can help with your overall budget.  Summers in Arizona may be a bit toasty outside but Stonebridge Manor will help keep your guests cool inside the Manor Courtyard Banquet hall.

Now that you have YOUR “Perfect Date”, let the planning begin! We can’t wait to get started!

Still searching for your perfect date? Visit our convenient online schedule to book a tour and start your journey with Stonebridge Manor!

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