5 StarsBeautiful wedding! Highly recommended.

Name: Karen P. Date: 4/21/2016

Overall, Stonebridge Manor did an amazing job on our wedding, and we are very happy with everything. We were very pleased- although, as with any wedding, there were a few hiccups. On the day of the wedding, there were supposed to be flower petals dow…(Read complete review)

5 StarsAbsolutely stunning

Name: Tamara F. Date: 4/20/2016

We rented Stonebridge Manner for our wedding venue and the entire experience was amazing. The people there were so helpful and professional, we never had to second guess anything because they took care of all the logistics. The views are beautiful, …(Read complete review)

5 StarsA Great Experience

Name: Lexi C. Date: 4/14/2016

I had a great experience with Stonebridge Manor. They did everything I wanted them to do.The staff was professional, friendly and knew what they’re doing. I would defi…(Read complete review)

5 StarsAn Amazing Company!

Name: Jasmine S. Date: 3/25/2016

After finding them online and comparing prices and locations we decided to go with Stonebridge Manor. Prices were reasonable and we received a great deal. My husband was impressed by the location; he thought it was absolutely gorgeous! He was just bl…(Read complete review)

5 StarsSo good; I wish I could relive it every day

Name: Jesse D. Date: 12/29/2015

Stonebridge Manor accommodated everything and anything we could think of. Our wedding was in the front grassy area and it was really beautiful. It was awesome and they did a really good job. We brought centerpieces, food and rose petals to make it mo…(Read complete review)

Five Stars “A Beautiful, Unforgettable Experience”

Name: Iris M. Date: 6/9/2015

My experience with Stonebridge Manor was really good…The venue is beautiful. Everyone was very nice, informative, friendly, and ready to make everything exactly as I wanted it to be…Everyone at Stonebridge Manor was wanting and willing to make our wedding really special. (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Thank You Stonebridge–My Wedding Was Perfect!”

Name: Rachel L. Date: 5/28/2015

To preface this review, two of my sisters had DIY weddings and everything was hectic…My then fiancee (now husband) and I decided that we did not want to have so much chaos on our happy day. We settled on Stonebridge Manor, and I am pleased to say that they ran the entire wedding perfectly! (Read complete review)

Five Stars “You Have to Use Stonebridge Manor”

Name: Roni M. Date: 5/20/2015

We live in Canada and spent a year planning our destination wedding. Stonebridge Manor went above and beyond helping us plan…They helped ease all my worries whenever they came up and everyone is still talking about our wedding. (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Professional, Elegant, and Well-Organized!”

Name: Pam P. Date: 5/19/2015

Stonebrige Manor did a great job all around! They paid attention to every detail…they made sure we were comfortable and the event was within our budget for the perfect day… (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Beyond Perfection!”

Name: Ronalda R. Date: 5/2/2015

Our wedding at Stonebridge Manor was beyond perfection. The staff at Stonebridge were so great to work with, even planning from Canada they made it stress-free…If brides want a breathtaking and wonderful wedding experience Stonebridge Manor is your venue! (Read complete review)

Five Stars “One of the Best Days of My Life!”

Name: Kristy M. Date: 3/13/2015

Stonebridge Manor made the whole experience extremely easy and smooth…They provided reliable, professional vendors and had multiple ones per category. They had several florists and photographers to choose from, and they basically gave you everything for your wedding wrapped up with a bow! They made it so there was nothing for me to worry about, and by the time the night was over, I wanted to do it all over again! (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Perfect Wedding, Perfect Time of Year!”

Name: Daniel W. Date: 3/5/2015

At Stonebridge Manor, my wife got what she wanted. I would say it was like her fairy tale wedding. We liked how there were different places on the property to get married, and we were able to choose a spot that was really nice and cool. We also had good food services set up, so that everyone could walk around and have good time! (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Beautiful Venue With Great Service!”

Name: Angela H. Date: 2/23/2015

I really liked the staff at Stonebridge Manor–they were all very helpful and made sure everything went perfectly. Even during her days off, the person who helped me with the process replied to let me know she’d get back to me…Overall, it was a beautiful venue with great service. (Read complete review)