Five Stars “Unbelievable, Everything We Ever Wanted!”

Name: Rich G. Date: 2/20/2015

Stonebridge Manor was fantastic! They were just very easy going to deal with…The wedding coordinator did a great job with everything! The other nice thing about this venue is that it’s very unique to Arizona. It wasn’t like getting married at a golf course, and it didn’t look like the desert. To my wife, it felt like her home in North Carolina, and to me it felt like where I was from in the Midwest. It was a perfect combination of the two. (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Dancing Under the Stars!”

Name: Deysi H. Date: 2/10/2015

The coordinator at Stonebridge Manor helped me with the whole process for my wedding and it was so easy for me. This place in itself is beautiful when the sun goes down, and our day went wonderful… (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Pleased With the Overall Experience”

Name: Abby S. Date: 2/2/2015

I went to Stonebridge Manor to have my wedding and I really liked the choice that I made. I was planning my wedding from out of town and they were very accommodating and made the process less stressful…I asked a million questions and everyone got answered; they were very receptive and made the experience fun! If you’re getting married, I definitely recommend them! (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Outstanding Experience”

Name: Bryan G. Date: 1/21/2015

Stonebridge Manor was wonderful! The whole process with them was smooth and I am very happy with them. I had no issues and I highly recommend them to anyone. (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Simple and Easy!”

Name: Zachary W. Date: 1/14/2015

We chose Stonebridge Manor for our wedding venue. One of the things we liked about them was that they basically took care of everything! They made sure we were on track with everything we needed for the wedding, and they were super easy to work with! (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Stress Free Process!”

Name: Rhiannon B. Date: 1/8/2015

I used Stonebridge Manor for my wedding and it was a great experience! It was just such an easy process and very organized. I honestly did not have any issues whatsoever; I was very lucky. They made it as stress-free as possible and helped me take out a lot of wait from my hands! (Read complete review)

Five Stars “So Nice, Wish We Could Get Married Every Weekend!”

Name: Tony P. Date: 12/29/2014

From the time we showed up, to the time we walked in, they (Stonebridge Manor) helped me no matter what, no matter how many questions we had…They let us walk around and preview everything, and make sure it was how we envisioned it…Any time there was an issue, we were able to talk with them in person. (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Detail Oriented, Considerate, Responsive”

Name: Kelly F. Date: 12/8/2014

Stonebridge Manor provides wonderful service for a good value. They did everything from trying to make a decision on color schemes to picking the flowers. I literally did not have to worry about anything. They were absolutely perfect. (Read complete review)

Five Stars “Beautiful and Amazing Wedding”

Name: Lauren B. Date: 12/4/2014

We booked Stonebridge Manor for a wedding of 250 people. It was an amazing wedding in a beautiful venue… (Read complete review)

Four Stars “Absolutely Fantastic”

Name: Ashley T. Date: 11/18/2014

Stonebridge Manor is absolutely fantastic. The venue was beautiful, they had great food, and everyone had a great time…they did a solid job and I would recommend them to others. (Read complete review)