Its likely that most of us have been to a wedding where it seems as though everyone left their dancing shoes at home.  And what couple wants to have an empty dance floor at their wedding reception?  Unless a couple is opting to have lawn games in lieu of dancing or another activity, its pretty safe to assume that most brides would prefer to have the dance floor full of dancing (and smiling) guests.  After all, celebrating a couple’s wedding day with a huge dance party is half of the fun of the wedding! The truth is that guests might just need a little nudge to bravely make their way out onto the dance floor to boogie down with the bride and groom. 



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Here are 4 tips to help encourage your guests to join in all the dancing fun!

1. Have an AWESOME DJ

Having a great DJ is the first step to making sure your wedding day dance party isn’t a flop. Great DJ’s will create stellar playlists that they know are bound to get your guests not only tapping their toes but up and moving on the dance floor! They can read the room and know just the right songs to play at the right time to really get the crowd going! Creating a fun dancing atmosphere really begins with your DJ.  Thats why at Stonebridge Manor we have the best line of DJ’s to choose from!  And even better, is the cost of the DJ is included in our Full Service options. 

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2. Provide comfortable boogie shoes!

Sometimes the only thing stopping your guests are the heels they have been wearing all day that are now killing their feet! It is much more difficult to want to go get down with your friends on the dance floor when your feet are begging you not to. Comfortable shoes make a world of difference!

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This creative bride had a change of shoes for her and her bridesmaids at the end of the evening so that nothing could slow down their fun!

And to help your wedding guests we have this creative idea of providing some flip flops for your guests once it comes time to hit the dance floor!

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3. Have your guests join the dance floor early

If your wedding guests are already on the dance floor when the DJ starts playing some tunes, then they are much more likely to join in the dancing! Whichever slow dance you have right before the dance party begins, whether it be the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, or your first dance, invite wedding guests to join in halfway through with their dates. That way the dance floor is already full of people and no one has to be that brave soul to burst onto the dance floor first!

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4. Keep the bar going!

Let’s be honest, a little alcohol never hurts when it comes to dancing! Good News folks, Stonebridge Manor offers full bar services and we offer the choice of Hosted or Cash Bar. Or a combination of the two.  We keep it easy to help our couples provide a little liquor courage for their guests at the bar. 

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No matter how you choose to start your dance party (or keep it going) just be sure that you have a blast on your wedding day and bust a move with your sweetheart to celebrate your incredible day together! 

Comment some of your best ideas to warm up the dance floor below!

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