We have been seeing an overwhelming amount of cuteness lately. Those sweet little kiddos take place in line either hamming it up or as serious as can be. We love our flower girls and ring bearers. We figured we’d unpack a couple of things here: 1. why do we have flower girls and ring bearers? and 2. how do you choose a flower girl or ring bearer? i-bWWqPnd-S 1. History Flower Girls: There is some controversy on this. But the oldest flower girl history is found in Ancient Rome. The flower girl would carry sheaths of wheat and herbs to bless the couple with prosperity and fertility. This tradition later evolved in the Elizabethan era when the flower girl(s) would actually drop rose petals from the house of the bride all the way to the church. Later, the tradition changed in the Victorian era when the flower girls would just drop petals down the actual aisle in the church. Today, flower girls where a dress that slightly resembles the brides, and drops petals down the aisle. However, there are several flower girls that just hold flowers and don’t toss. Ring Bearers: Ring bearers started in the Medieval era, but they weren’t called ring bearers at the time. A young servant boy would hold the bride’s train, and a prayer book, down the aisle of the church. The ring? That was carried on the tip of a sword. Well, later that servant boy and sword blended. Wealthy families added the ring bearer pillow instead of the sword because pillows were a sign of great wealth. Apparently pillows were very rare back then- who knew? Today, ring bearers carry a pillow, and our take? don’t give them the rings… just give them to your best man. 2. How to choose a flower girl/ring bearer? Firstly, you can do whatever you want. If you and your spouse feel comfortable with it- do it! Secondly, if you feel at odds on what to do, here’s some advice 🙂 Fairness: Remember in elementary school when the teacher said, “if you’d like to bring cupcakes for your birthday, you have to bring cupcakes for everyone or no one?” Of course you do. This rule applies here to. If you’re going to ask a niece/nephew to be in your wedding, make sure all applicable nieces/nephews available are either asked, or honored in some  manner. The last thing you need is more drama. So, rule of thumb, try to be as fair as possible, and if not, show thought. Example, “We’re going to have Annabelle as our flower girl, but we’d still like Sophia to be a part of our wedding, we figured her personality would suit best helping guests at the sign in table.” Age Limit: Kiddos are adorable, but they are also capable of some incredible meltdowns. Martha Stewart would advise that the age requirement for any flower girl or ring bearer would be four years old. Clothing for the flower girl/ring bearer: Traditionally, the family [bride or groom] that knows the little attendant would be responsible for paying for the attire. However, nowadays the family of the flower girl/ring bearer is responsible for the clothes. i-T2cJns2-XL Hope that helps! Can’t wait to see the cuties at your wedding!